Music was a reason to turn life around



Nikko McFadden will be the first to admit that thanks to his wild teenage years, he could have become a statistic.

“I was kicked out of my house at 16 because of drugs, so until I was 18, I was homeless,” the Sioux Falls rapper says while sitting in a coffee shop. “I let what I was doing take over everything. I was sleeping in a car for long periods of time, and I was sleeping in house to house. I was in and out of juvenile hall. Every single day was just a blur.”

In October 2007, just weeks after he turned 18, McFadden went to jail. “I had three felonies for drugs,” he says. “It was my first offense, and they gave me 13 years and suspended five of it.”

Unlike many young adults in his situation, McFadden, now 24, credits jail for saving his life.

“I went from being intoxicated every day to sitting in there completely sober,” he says. “After the sobriety hit, I realized that I had three full calendars to flip over before I’d get out. (This) made me not want to do it anymore.”

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